Vision, Mission and Core Values


PAPPI is the primary association for pharmacists in the pharmaceutical Industry and recognized partner by regulatory agencies.


To advocate regulatory compliance and be vital contributors to the healthcare value chain.


Professionalism in all our dealings - We honor our profession by being on time, delivering on our promise, presenting ourselves well and demonstrating leadership in our interactions

  • Communicate openly and respectfully
  • Exude confidence without arrogance
  • Honor commitments

Ability and Competence - We step up to the challenge and demands of our profession through capacity building and updating of our expertise

  • Be actively engaged in PAPPI’s learning activities
  • Passionately pursue professional development
  • Aspire to achieve expertise in our field of profession

Pursuit of Excellence - Our standards are high and we aim to surpass them

  • Model a high standard of quality
  • Do not settle for mediocrity
  • Keep getting better

Promoting Innovation - We are agile in recognizing opportunities for relevant changes and we are inspired to make it happen

  • Be attuned to opportunities for improvement
  • Lead or adapt to changes
  • Experiment and take calculated risks

Integrity in our actions -  We uphold ethical and professional standards

  • Adhere to regulations and laws
  • Avoid and prevent conflicts of interest
  • Promote a win-win approach to addressing the needs of the association, partners and stakeholders


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