Constitution & By-Laws

  • It shall recommend to the members at its regular business meeting amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws deemed necessary for the betterment of the Association and its members.

Membership & Commendation 

  • It shall pass on the qualifications of candidates seeking admission as members into the association and to make proper recommendations therefore. It shall take charge of recommending the reversion of any member to inactive or back to active status, likewise the termination of membership on valid, legal and moral grounds.


  • It shall take care of the program speakers and topics for the scientific meetings of the association and help in their scheduling.  It is also tasked with the study, recommend and help implement programs for improving the scientific and research capability of members of the association by special teaching, seminars, visiting lectureship, faculty exchange, fellowship and others.


  • It shall act as an arbiter to resolve issues affecting the professional conduct of member-pharmacist as well as the company represented.  This Committee ensures conduct of the association’s operations with the highest standards of moral, ethical and legal conduct.

Ways & Means

  • It shall take charge of the activities and special events that may be assigned to it by the Board that will help generate funds for the association.

Publicity & Sports

  • It shall take charge of the publication of a suitable official gazette of the association and such other related activities of the same.

External Affairs & Community Relations

  • It shall take charge of the Socio-Corporate activities of the association.Tasked to coordinate meetings and dialogues with Food and Drug Administration and other related agencies and to the members of the association.  This Committee stands as the front liner in medical missions sponsored by the association.


  • It shall take charge of the funds, properties and accounts of the association and to render financial or property reports periodically to the members of the association.


  • It shall take charge of the system and processes in recognizing a member’s outstanding qualities, especially on rendering exceptional service to the Association.



  • Technical Committee
  • General Membership
  • Sports
  • Foods
  • Cosmetics
  • Biologicals & Vaccines
  • Manufacturers
  • Veterinary
  • Medical Device
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