Membership Procedure

Your membership represents a powerful commitment to continued growth as a corporate pharmacist and as an individual.

For all membership queries, please contact our Secretariat, Ms. Charity Box, at or (02) 736-1816.  



  • Accomplished Membership Data From (Download the form here)
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae
  • Brief Duties & Responsibilities
  • Two Pieces of 2x2 Passport Size ID Picture (white background)
  • Two Pieces of Business Cards
  • Photocopy  of PRC ID
  • Photocopy of Company ID
  • Photocopy of LTO (issued by FDA) of the company the applicant is affiliated
  • Photocopy of Secretary's Certificate


Initial Fee:                        PhP 7,000.00 (for Principal Member)

                                         PhP 4,000.00 (for Associate Member)

                                         Php 6,000 (for Individual Member)

Renewal Fee:                  PhP 6,000.00 (for Principal Member)

                                         PhP 2,000.00 (for Associate Member)

                                         Php 5,000 (for Individual Member)

*Only one principal member per represented company.


To be accepted:

  • a registered pharmacist
  • affiliated to an FDA-licensed company

To be in the active membership roster:

  • attend at least 2 major activities per year or a total o 4 meetings for the last 2 years.
  • no outstanding association dues.

Individual Member:

Individual members who are not able to attend the GMM's & other special Meetings are not required to pay the registration fees. However, the individual member must have attend 50% of the total number of number of meetings to maintan good standing.

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